The Christmas Flyer

by Joseph Francis Skovira



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About the author

The Christmas Flyer is the story of a young boy's Christmas and his growing doubts about the origins of the celebration he has come to cherish.  He spends his Christmas season preparing for the holiday, but also investigating alternative explanations for what he has simply accepted in Christmases past.  What he discovers during this one special season defies explanation, yet is Christmas - in a simple, anonymous, and unintended gift.  And this gift lives on in The Christmas Flyer.

Joseph Francis Skovira wrote The Christmas Flyer while enjoying Christmases with his young children.  He lives in Owego, New York, with his wife, Cecilia, and their two children, Vincent and Elizabeth.  He can be found from October to January decorating for, and reveling in, any holiday appearing on the calendar.

About the artist

Kathye Edwina Arrington, Artist and Graphic Designer, runs a graphic design business in Owego, New York.  

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